Getting to know Amber Maron

As far as my favorite movement at Allomi, I'm a fan of all things yoga, but Allomi has introduced me to a number of other styles of exercise. I think Plyojam is my favorite, it's just 55 minutes of pure fun, and the work-out is just a bonus!

I love moving meditation. Sometimes taking a quiet walk, or doing a yoga flow helps me reset and quiet my mind like nothing else. Meditation doesn't always mean you have to sit still. If you breathe and have a clear intention, almost anything can become a meditation.

For me, mindfulness means checking in. It's taking time to notice how I'm feeling so I can take a step back in any given situation and respond, rather than react. It means thinking about something before I say or do it, to make sure it's coming from a place of love and positivity. And when I'm not feeling so positive, it means noticing and acknowledging that, so I can take action to clear my head and get back to a more calm, peaceful state of mind. That could be eating a healthy home cooked meal, taking a yoga class, or just taking some deep breaths and being honest with myself about what is really troubling me. To me, it's as simple as being aware of myself and how my actions ripple through the world.

Join Amber for Restorative Stretch Yoga Wednesdays and Fridays at 12pm. Health and Nutrition Coaching, Available by appointment