Getting to know Allomi instructor and coach, Carolyn Ziel

MINDFULNESS is a state of consciousness, grounded in awareness, to be fully present in any given moment. It is a way of living, a practice. One that involves listening. Listening to my inner voice, that voice connected to spirit, Universal Source Energy, light and love. And listening to those around me with an open heart and an open mind, with kindness and non-judgement, with love. It is a practice that involves seeing with eyes that are separate from my ego and my ego’s projection. And in every moment I have the opportunity to practice mindfulness—to breathe, center myself, listen to the stillness within me, my inner voice, my heartbeat and my breath.

 PLYOJAM has to be my favorite MOVEMENT at Allomi. I have been dancing with Amber for over a year and I love it. I never get tired of it and I have so much fun. I’m not the best dancer, wasn’t a cheerleader and I was a drill-team drop out in grammar school. But I can remember steps, it’s as if my body has the memory. I find that it is not only an amazing workout, but it brings me so much joy. The connection with other "plyojammers" in the room, with Amber, who oozes joy as she teaches and with my own body and the music. So much fun!!

I love Insight Timer. It is a fabulous MEDITATION app. Everything from guided meditations to music and chanting. Whatever my heart desires that day! PS. You can find some of my meditations on the Insight Timer app as well.

Join Carolyn in her Adventures in Writing class at Allomi where she shares, in particular, Method Writing©, an organic approach to finding your authentic voice on the page. She also leads meditation, women’s circles and various workshops, as well as one on one coaching.

“I’ve always had a voice—a voice as a girl, as a daughter, as a wife and a mother and a business woman. But it was working with Carolyn Ziel that led me to uncover my own voice. Finding my authentic voice has been and is transformative.”
~ Teresa B.