Tips on Setting Monthly Intentions - from Rachel Ford

Intention is our desire to have more of something in our life whether that be health, happiness, contentment, peace, or healthier relationships. Setting monthly intentions is a beautiful practice that can allow you to feel clear and grounded - emotionally, physically and spiritually. 

  1. When setting an intention, make sure it aligns with your values and your purpose. Be clear about the WHY behind your intention. There has to be a clear understanding of WHY we desire this in order to maintain the motivation and not lose focus when the stressors and business of life sets in. 
  2. By being clear with our intentions, they will manifest, but we cannot just declare them and stop there. It is a dance between us and the universe (our spirt, our guide, God or however you desire to refer to it as). A dance of declaring our intentions, being clear on what actions you are doing to assist in the manifestation of this intention, but also allowing the universe to guide us, bring people or opportunities to us, or show us the lesson we get to learn in order to bring that intention to fruition.