Waking Up to “All-Of-Me”

The Breakdown
At the age of 40 I woke up, with severe and debilitating low back pain that caused deformity in my torso and a stabbing pain that brought me to my knees. I was a mother of two children under the age of two, a wife, and a co-owner of a successful boutique Pilates & Fitness studio.

I had been in the fitness industry for over a decade, and relied on the health of my physical body daily. I was in great shape, worked out regularly, super fit. Why was my body doing this to me? What was wrong with my back? I had never had any major injuries or experienced any physical limitations. I had a breakdown.

I’ll never forget the day it took me 30-minutes to get off the floor.

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Meet Amber Susa: Owner & Founder, Allomi Holistic Fitness and Wellness

We had the good fortune of connecting with Amber Susa and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Amber, what principle do you value most?
The principle that matters most to me is the belief that I am a powerful creator; that I am co-creating my soul-lead life with the Universe. For the last 6 plus years, my spiritual journey has allowed me to make choices in my personal and professional life from the call of my soul, my own intuition and divine guidance. I do believe we are each here to serve a unique purpose, and if we allow ourselves to be lead by our soul knowing, we will fulfill that purpose. Most of us have lived our lives based on external guidance … society, parents, spouses, friends, colleagues, culture, etc … and many of us have achieved “success” only to feel empty and unfulfilled. I believe true fulfillment comes from following the guidance of our own unique soul knowing and hearts desires, and trusting in this process.

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From Tiger King to Chloe Ting: How fitness broke the Internet but not the bank in 2020

Along with banana bread recipes and “Tiger King” conspiracy theories, Google searches for “home workouts” skyrocketed in 2020 after the arrival of the pandemic. With people no longer able to head to the gym, searches were 350% higher than December 2019. More than 244 million Americans traded in their gym routines for online workout programs to help them beat the “Quarantine 15.” The combination of gym closures and record-breaking unemployment claims made the Internet the perfect medium for staying healthy during lockdown without breaking the bank.

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The She Built It Podcast with Melanie & Dr. Michele

Meet our guest, Amber Susa Jewett. After an early career as a child actor, Amber learned to use movement to relieve stress and manage challenging situations. Amber used her love of fitness to open a successful fitness studio. Due to “divine timing” and physical hardship, Amber began to practice meditation. It motivated her to share the power of mind over matter. Amber now operates a new studio: Allomi - “Sanctuary for Holistic Health and Healing.”

Listen and learn tips to shine your inner light.

Breakdown to Breakthrough

Listen to Podcast on From the Soul Frequency Show:

Today, we are talking to my one of my life long besties! She is an incredible woman with a powerful breakdown to breakthrough story. We never become immune to the breakdown – breakthrough cycle because that is how we grow. That is how we expand and see the truth about ourselves – which is that we are more powerful, courageous, creative, and capable then we realize.

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Fitness is about more than your body parts: Meet Amber Susa, the visionary behind Allomi

You’re standing on the sun-drenched, sea-breezy corner of Catalina and Avenue I in Riviera Village, and you see yourself reflected in the glass door of Allomi. As you open the door and step inside the light-filled main room, you know you’ve entered a very different kind of fitness studio.Bringing together movement, meditation and mindfulness, Allomi is a workout on every level.

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Allomi presents a holistic health summit Sept. 22, 23

Founder and owner Amber Susa Jewett started a unique holistic health sanctuary when she opened Allomi in Redondo Beach in January. With this studio, located in Riviera Village, Jewett was determined to “integrate movement, meditation and mindfulness.”

Jewett says “Holistic health is an ancient approach to life that considers the whole person and emphasizes the connection of body, mind, and spirit. Our schedule includes yoga, meditation, cardio dance, rebounding, and fitness classes. We also offer nutritional counseling, life coaching, holistic health and creative living workshops, massage therapy, physical therapy, acupuncture and Reiki.”

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Thump, Punch, And Underwater-Spin Your Way To Fitness In 2018

Aqua cycling, yes, spinning underwater, virtual reality fitness, and pounding the floor with drumsticks are just a few of the ways South Bay fitness studios are innovating to offer fun ways of reaching your fitness goals.  With parents’ busy schedules and the physical demands of caring for little ones, there’s an especially pressing need to find efficient workouts as well as mentally stimulating ones that will help keep you coming back for more.  Whether you are a new mom looking for ways to recover from childbirth or a parent of school age kids and want family yoga time, the studios below have something to offer.

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2017 Meet Amber Susa Jewett of Allomi in Redondo Beach

Today we’d like to introduce you to Amber Susa Jewett.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Amber. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.

Allomi is a manifestation of my desire to live a fully expressed life and share what I have learned. I have come to understand that I must nurture my mental, emotional, spiritual and physical life to achieve complete health and live my best life. On my spiritual journey I have come to accept, appreciate and embrace all-of-me. It is my intention to create a space that supports each individual to live their best life through movement, meditation, creative living and community.

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It's #LeapDay! Meet Amber Susa Jewett