Thump, Punch, And Underwater-Spin Your Way To Fitness In 2018

Aqua cycling, yes, spinning underwater, virtual reality fitness, and pounding the floor with drumsticks are just a few of the ways South Bay fitness studios are innovating to offer fun ways of reaching your fitness goals.  With parents’ busy schedules and the physical demands of caring for little ones, there’s an especially pressing need to find efficient workouts as well as mentally stimulating ones that will help keep you coming back for more.  Whether you are a new mom looking for ways to recover from childbirth or a parent of school age kids and want family yoga time, the studios below have something to offer.


Allomi.  1612 S Catalina Ave, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Allomi is a mindfulness, yoga, rebounding, and dance studio which boasts jaw-dropping views.  Located one block from the ocean with huge windows, the space is serene, brand new (since January 6), and arguably the most visually appealing of all South Bay studios.  The “Allomi Moms” class started with 10 minutes of reflection, journaling and sharing and segued into an upbeat Plyojam dance workout and then into a tabata-based high intensity series which worked arms, legs, core, obliques and more.  The studio emphasizes wellness classes with the notion that taking care of ourselves, both physically and mentally, enables us to better take care of our families.  

PARKING: Immediately in front of the studio, metered parking is available for $1.50 per hour.  Free parking can be available in the Avenues, a 3 to 6 minute walk from the studio.

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