Allomi is a sanctuary for holistic health and healing. It is our intention to help shift your energy, elevate your mind, increase your awareness and raise your consciousness through movement, meditation, education, support and community.

Our schedule includes a variety of Yoga, Meditation, Cardio Dance and Rebounding classes. We also offer nutritional counseling, life coaching, holistic health and creative living workshops, massage therapy, physical therapy, acupuncture and Reiki. We have a team of passionate visionaries who are committed to helping you live your best life.

The South Bay is an amazing place to live and to own a small business. Being so close to the ocean, it is not only an aesthetically desirable location, it is an ideal spot for a healing sanctuary. There is a definite shift happening in this health-conscious community. People are more open to holistic health and healing.

Meditation is becoming more mainstream and accessible. There is a deep desire to connect and heal in the community.

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my story

I co-founded HIP Studio, Hermosa Beach – a boutique, high-intensity Pilates and Fitness studio, seven years ago. Fitness has always been my way to stay grounded, healthy, and to alleviate stress. After becoming a mother to two beautiful children, severe low back pain led me to a meditation practice, and a spiritual journey that is allowing me to step into my greatest potential.

Being a mother is my portal into a world where I am capable of more than I’ve ever allowed myself to believe; where I am capable of flying higher than I’ve ever allowed myself to fly. It is an entrance to a world where I am co-creating my life and the possibilities are endless. It is an adventure where I get to be the woman I am inspired by. I believe in holistic health and healing. I believe meditation can heal. I believe that in order to live a fully expressed life and to step into your purpose and destiny, you must heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. While I remain extremely passionate about fitness, I feel called to create a space that allows for people to connect to their true self in a deeper and more profound way, and to live the life of their dreams. This is Allomi.

Have there been challenges? Of course. Has it required tremendous courage and belief? Absolutely. Have I had to go up against other people’s limiting beliefs, as well as my own? You bet. Have I felt supported by the Universe every step of the way? Without a doubt. Have I experienced uncanny synchronicity? Consistently. Am I attracting beautiful people who share my vision to bring this kind of healing to our community? Positively. This is the life I am choosing to live. I am stepping out of my comfort zone. I am listening to the whispers of my soul and taking a giant leap of faith into what I believe I am being called to do. I don’t expect it to happen without ups and downs. It requires a daily practice of strengthening my belief muscles, a consistent dedication to growing into the woman I am meant to be. I feel a responsibility to my family, to my community, and especially to myself to keep moving forward, and to keep choosing hope over fear.

the experience

The name Allomi was born out of my desire to be All-Of-Me; to live a fully expressed life and truly step into my greatest potential. I have come to understand that I must nurture my mental, emotional, spiritual and physical life to achieve complete health and live my best life. On my spiritual journey, I have come to accept, appreciate and embrace all-of-me. I am a dreamer. I believe in dreaming big, and manifesting the life of your dreams. It is my intention to share what I have learned and create a space that supports each individual to live his or her best life through movement, meditation, creative living and community.