Getting to know Courtney Sawyer

My favorite MOVEMENT at Allomi has to be yoga. I don’t have as much time for classes right now because I have an 11 month old baby girl, but I have made it a commitment to pick times during the week that I can either take a class or roll out my mat at home while Sawyer naps.

My go to MEDITATION tip...I have to be honest...I am not one that takes the time to sit down and meditate. I know how important it is to take that time to clear your thoughts and just “BE,” but for me I thoroughly love a moving meditation. I can get completely lost while doing sun salutations or a particular flow over and over. When I practice yoga in a class setting, the instructor has carefully selected music and flow to compliment each other, it’s magical. I leave class feeling completely renewed and it’s not because of whatever stretching or strength work I just did. I stopped thinking about all of the things in my life, important or not, for an hour. Thought about nothing else besides my breath and what the teacher was saying. It can be a fun energetic class or it can be a mellow flow with a theme of gratitude...I love it all.

To me, MINDFULNESS means being aware and present in a given moment or situation. . When we become disconnected from ourselves we say and do things that don’t always reflect who we are or we aren’t able to see the picture clearly of what’s happening in front of us.

Join Courtney for Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga Wednesday evenings at 5:30pm or Vinyasa Flow Friday mornings at 8:30am. She's also leading a special Runner's Yoga during the Mindfulness Triathlon Sunday, December 9th.