Dr. Hyman's Portable Smoothie

This portable smoothie from Dr. Mark Hyman can power the busiest of days. It’s 100 percent whole, real food — with plenty of plant proteins, healthy fats, fiber, and potent phytonutrients.

1 cup frozen wild blueberries or other seasonal fruit
½ cup frozen cranberries
¼ lemon with rind (optional)
2 tbs. almond butter
2 tbs. pumpkin-seeds
2 tbs. chia seeds
2 tbs. hemp seeds
1 small handful nuts, such as walnuts, almonds, or pecans (optional: add a Brazil nut or two for selenium)
1 leaf de-stemmed, ripped-up kale or handful of spinach (optional)
1 tbs. extra-virgin coconut butter
½ cup unsweetened almond or hemp milk
1 cup water, plus 1 to 3 ice cubes if desired.